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Waxing is a convenient, quick, cost-effective, and long-lasting hair removal method. Waxing produces smoother results because hair is pulled from the root and over time hair growth is less and slower. Waxing can reduce hair growth, but results are temporary.


Painless, safe, natural and effective, EpilFREE works equally well on all skin and hair types. The speed of visible results varies from person to person and from body part to body part but in general, about 10-12% of hair reduction is seen per treatment.  Most people experience a slowing of hair growth and a lightening of the regrowth hair colour. The preparation uses essential oils extracted from ladies mantle, eucalyptus and Urea, this formulation helps to nourish and soften the skin, enabling substances causing the delay and inhibition of unwanted hair growth to the hair follicle. Typically, results become visibly obvious after 2-3 treatments, with a full course of 8-12 treatments required to stop the growth of most of the hair.  The exact number of treatments needed varies from person to person & from body part to body part.

IPL Laser

Using a combination of both radio-frequency and optical energy in the Syneron® system, known as elōs technology, is an innovative and exciting development in the treatment of hair removal.  This safe and effective industry-leading medical aesthetic technology uses significantly less energy compared to conventional lasers and IPLs.


Treatment Area

Traditional Waxing

EpilFree Permanent

Permanent Hair reduction in 6 - 10 Sessions

IPL Laser Permanent
Hair Reduction

Lower Face $50 $125 $200
Cheeks $20 $50 $80
Upper Lip $20 $50 $80
Chin $20 $50 $80
Upper Lip & Chin $35 $90 $140
Chest $65 $165 $265
Full Back $80 $195 $310
Upper Back & Shoulders                 $95 $240 $365
Upper Back $65 $165 $265
Lower Back $45 $115 $185
Shoulders $40 $95 $155
Basic Bikini $30 $75 $125
Full Bikini $50 $125 $200
Brazilian $65 $155 $260
Under Arms $25 $65 $100
Half Arms $25 $65 $100
Full Legs $65 $165 $265
Upper Legs $35 $90 $140
Lower Legs $35 $90 $140

Medical Aesthetics

Medical Cosmetics

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Wellness + Therapeutic


Talk to us about your concerns. We offer treatments to deal with pain, stress management and weightloss.

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Corrective Facials

Spa Facial

Treat skin conditions with our state-of-the-art medical grade skincare & facials. Restore your smooth, youthful appearance.

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Spa Aesthetics


Spoil yourself with environmentally-responsible, organic body care and body maintenance.

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Corrective Body Treatments

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