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LPG Endermologie- An Interview with Mandy Gill of MGM Fitness

We had a chance to sit down with Mandy Gill from MGM Fitness and MGM Fit Foods to talk a little bit more in depth on her experience with LPG Endermologie and how it effects her performance and recovery in her fitness training, competitions and over all regime. Here is what she had to say. 

Coliseum: How had Endermologie played a roll in alleviating DOMS also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

Mandy: Endermologie has really helped in this area with not experiencing DOMS at all. Everyone is different of course but I really feel that it has accelerated recovery from the tough workouts with not feeling strained the next day to push through on a workout. 

Coliseum: How has Endermologie helped with optimizing muscular strength and power? 

Mandy: What I love about the Endermologie treatments is that I am not as sore when I go in to workout the next day. It has really helped me show up every day and be the best that I can be and  utilize my strength to maximum capacity. 

Coliseum: How has Endermologie improved training tolerance? 

Mandy: Along with optimizing muscular strength and power it really helps with the mental side of performing. Knowing that something may be painful to work through changes performance and with Endermologie treatments it is comforting to know that I can have the treatment and feel better for it. 

Coliseum: How has Endermologie helped with reducing Muscular Fatigue? 

Mandy: I've noticed a difference in this area as well. With this treatment I am able to use as much strength as I can when I would normally be tired or sore from the workout the day before. 

Coliseum: Is it affective in fluid and inflammation removal? 

Mandy: It is amazing what that machine can do! Increased circulation increases energy and stiffness and aches from harder workouts are not as noticeable at all if not non existent! 

Coliseum: Does Endermologie increase the ability to produce and increase intense, explosive efforts?

Mandy: It really allows my body to move as it should. Does it give me Superpowers? Maybe not but there is definitely a noticeable difference in performance allowing my body to work through the various workout movements. 

Coliseum: How does Endermologie aid with preparing for competitions?

Mandy: Endermologie has really helped going in to competitions times as I am going in not as sore I normally would allowing me for increased performance. I really am coming out of them not as sore as well. It really allows me to bring my best game every time. It helps me feel most in tune with my body and what it is capable of. 

Coliseum: Any last thoughts to share? 

Mandy: Don't underestimate how it helps on IT bands and Glutes! I was also proved wrong in that thinking the use of a machine for treatment could not possibly be relaxing. It is very relaxing! 

Thank you for sharing with us Mandy! 


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LPG Endermologie | The Coliseum MediClinic
An Interview with Mandy Gill of MGM Fitness | LPG Endermologie

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