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Reducing Acne Inflammation

Acne is a common debilitating disorder that effects millions of Canadians today. Our soothing deep pore treatment targets inflammatory acne using a combination therapy that leaves your pores cleansed and effectively calms inflammation.

We will assess your skin type, and list your concerns, analyze, and develop a treatment plan. Carefully chosen prescriptive products are combined and absorbed with the aid of an occlusive mask repairing the acid mantle and restoring balance to your skins ph level.

At The Coliseum MediSpa we have a multitude of treatments that eliminate the most common skin ailments. The difference at our clinic is that we try to find the triggers or the root cause(s) of your skin ailments, remove them, support the natural healing process, and you get improved skin.

At our clinic, everything we suggest is clinical grade and simple to use. We strive to educate you in proper care for your skin because if you understand your skin and how to take care of it, your results will only be more noticeable and long lasting.

Following Botox® or Dermal Filler treatments, please allow 2 weeks before booking your facial.

Some common acne causing factors include:

  • Poor diet (food allergies)
  • Hormone imbalances (testosterone and estrogen)
  • Poor pH of the skin
  • Bacteria, fungus, yeast infections
  • Insufficient nutrition
  • Overuse of makeup
  • Use of alcohol cleansers
  • Over cleaning the skin
  • Medication induced
  • Poor health status
  • Environmental chemicals (laundry detergents etc.)


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