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Spring Skincare Tips

When the weather gets warmer in Vancouver, everyone seems to cheer up.

From all over, the smell of Spring is in the air, whether because of the melting snow, small green buds popping out on tips of tree branches or maybe signs you need to re-evaluate the regiment of your cosmetic care. Let’s face it – winter is usually a harsh reminder of how the world can be gray; spring on the other hand, is a transformation from gray to green. As we move forward, the transformation in the outside world begins. Here we have Spring skincare tips for keeping your skin fresh! 

  • Work in a lighter weight moisturizer instead of heavy
  • Take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables; good nutrition is the building block; drink a lot of water;
  • Try a lightweight foundation with a 15 SPF protection; 
  • Consult your naturopath about alleviating allergen symptoms;
  • When returning indoors, take a quick shower to prevent any bad reactions to pollen or other allergens;

Though the earlier months of spring feel like winter still, later months will get warmer and you may have more of an oily feeling. At this moment, you should begin applying a lighter weight moisturizer. In winter, a heavier one is needed to fight both the dry and cold weather conditions. If your products have not been replaced since the winter months, it would be a good idea to swap out your products. Skin product shelf lives do not last forever. Better results will come with fresher products.

Nutrition has a big impact on your skincare. Springtime is the simplest and least expensive time to get in your fresh fruits and vegetables. You can easily capitalize on vegetable growing seasons including for asparagus, spinach and strawberries. Also, if you want to hydrate yourself and your outer part, it is best to drink water. You can also hydrate by  using a lighter moisturizer.

When you exfoliate your face, you eliminate lingering dead cells while also reducing possible flaking. Booking in for a facial is highly recommended with the changes that happen in our skin. Cosmetic changes are also needed because in springtime, the air holds more moisture. That’s why getting a light weight foundation is so important because when there is more sun, there is more exposure to UV light and the chance of burning. Try a foundation with SPF protection on top of your regular sunscreen. 

The introduction of allergens in the air also comes with warmer weather. Check with your naturopath about alleviating symptoms.  

The warmer months following winter can be a beautiful time of the year. There is no doubt that you can feel beautiful too. By following these tips, you should have all the proper skincare solutions to potential problems.  Click here to book your appointment. 

Skinsationally Yours, 

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