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Top 10 Summer Tips for Keeping Your Beauty Regime in Check

In Summer, beauty problems tend to surface unlike those in winter.  Heat and humidity can cause eye shadow to accumulate in the creases of your eyelids, curls droop, and straightened locks turn to frizz.  Even your hair color can appear dull beside your tan.  Do not be dismayed.  The following top 10 tips will help you stay looking your best during the heat of Summer.

1. Regular skincare is important.  Beautiful skin on the outside begins with good health on the inside.

  •      For uneven skintone or acne, visit your Esthetician or Naturopath.
  •      Skincare health requires you protect your face from the sun’s damages with an SPF.  Reapply frequently.  When lounging around the pool or relaxing at the beach, wear a hat, or coat the hair with a shield spray.
  •      What you put in effects your skin! Be sure to stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating lots of fresh Summer fruits and vegetables

2. To help reduce shine and keep your makeup in place, apply a primer followed by the SPF and your recommended moisturizer.  Let the primer dry thoroughly before applying makeup.

3. To prevent eyeliner from smudging or running use an eye shadow primer and a waterproof liquid eyeliner.

4. You can have glamorous legs and beautiful feet that are prepared for sandals when you soothe, lather, and scrub them while showering.  Afterward, generously apply lotion. 

5. To avoid an oily face and still retain a dewy look, avoid excessive powdering.  Use blotting papers.

6. During the hot months when less is better, rather than foundation, try tinted moisturizers.  They feel light, but still cover flaws.  Unlike foundation, tinted moisturizers will not produce the sensation of melting from your face.

7. Shaving your bikini line can create bumps from the razor, and an irritating red rash.  Waxing or laser hair removal is better because it not only removes the hair, and keeps its re-growth away longer, but it leaves a cleaner appearance.

8. Use an antiperspirant on your inner thighs to prevent them from sweating, chafing, and getting red rash. There are many natural options available now. 

9. Protect colored hair from the sun, salt water and chlorine.  First, rinse your hair in plain water.  Hair cuticles that are dry will soak in water.  Wet hair cuticles will not.  Rinsing the hair beforehand protects it from chlorine and salt water.

10. Do not neglect chest, hands, and neck when applying sunscreen! 

You can meet the challenges of summer’s heat and humidity.  Maintain your beauty regime with these top 10 beauty tips.  

Skinsationally Yours, 

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