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Dermal Needling

Soften your wrinkles, improve texture - this is a great way to reverse the signs of aging.

Dermal Rolling is the only medical facial rejuvenation treatment that incorporates penetration of essential cell nutrients and maximizes release of growth factors associated with wound healing.  Rolling eliminates the risk of melanocyte heat injury and actually optimizes cell function. Several hundred acupuncture needles simultaneously stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, increasing absorption of topical nutrients.

Dermal Needling (or rolling) is quickly becoming the skin rejuvenation modality of choice for many aesthetic skin care practitioners around the world.  In the face of so many high profile modalities, such as lasers and other micro-injury techniques that can deliver less than optimal results, dermal needling is providing, in many cases, is equal or better results with less cost and effort.

Following Botox® or Dermal Filler treatments, please allow 2 weeks before booking your facial

Introductory Dermal Needling Facial

Includes a facial at The Coliseum MediSpa demonstrating the correct application of a dermal roller for optimum results with an infusion regimen of medical grade skin care products, customized to suit your skin.
To ensure skin is prepped with the new products the facial must be booked within the month of purchasing your kit.

$399 includes Intro Facial & Home kit:
Roller 0.2mm, Moisturizer, Sun Protection

Infusion Facial (bring your roller)

Going forward, bring your own roller in! Treat your skin to an infusion of our amazing medical grade skin care product range, customized to suit your skin. This is a great way of getting the nutrients your skin needs on a regular basis without buying separate products.



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