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Pain-free EPILFree permanent hair reduction

Revolutionary permanent hair reduction waxing system

Finally, lasting hair removal for everyone. Painless, safe, natural and effective, EpilFREE works equally well on all skin and hair types. This internationally-patented system is a post-epilation treatment that offers permanent hair reduction (body, facial and intimate areas).

The preparation uses essential oils extracted from ladies mantle, eucalyptus and Urea, together with alcohol for sterilization and synthetic skin moisturisers.  Applied in a specific process to the hair follicles in your skin, this formulation helps to nourish and soften the skin, enabling substances causing the delay and inhibition of unwanted hair growth to the hair follicle.  Effectively stopping the division of hair cells preventing the growth of new hair in the treated follicle.EpilFREE is registered with the health authorities of Canada, the US and the EU and our Estheticians are EpilFREE Certified.

Typically, results become visibly obvious after 2-3 treatments, with a full course of 8-12 treatments required to stop the growth of most of the hair.  The exact number of treatments needed varies from person to person & from body part to body part. The speed of visible results varies from person to person and from body part to body part but in general, about 10-12% of hair reduction is seen per treatment.  Most people experience a slowing of hair growth and a lightening of the regrowth hair colour.


Treatment Area

Traditional Waxing

EpilFree Permanent

IPL Laser Permanent

Lower Face $50 $125 $190
Cheeks $20 $50 $75
Upper Lip $20 $50 $75
Chin $20 $50 $75
Upper Lip & Chin $35 $90 $130
Chest $65 $165 $250
Full Back $80 $195 $295
Upper Back & Shoulders                 $95 $240 $345
Upper Back $65 $165 $250
Lower Back $45 $115 $175
Shoulders $40 $95 $145
Basic Bikini $30 $75 $115
Full Bikini $50 $125 $190
Brazilian $65 $155 $245
Under Arms $25 $65 $95
Half Arms $25 $65 $95
Full Legs $65 $165 $250
Upper Legs $35 $90 $130
Lower Legs $35 $90 $130

Frequently Asked Questions

Works on both dark and light hair

Yes, EpilFREE is the first lasting hair removal system that works equally well on all hair colors and types.  If you have blonde, red, grey, white or fine baby or vellum hair, EpilFREE will work for you, the same as it works on darker hair such as brunette and black.   

Can teenagers and seniors use Epilfree?

Yes, EpilFREE can be used by all people regardless of age.  It has been tested and show to be safe, pain-free and without side effects.

How long should I wait between treatments?

Time between treatments is based on rate of hair growth and that varies from person to person and from body part to body part.  For best results, the treatment should be done when the remaining hair has regrown back to between 2.5 mm (1/8″) and 5.0 mm (1/4″) in length.  This allows the EpilFREE Epilation Treatment Wax to grab onto the hair most effectively.  Hair at this length is long enough for the wax to grab onto and pull it out from the root, while not too long that it breaks off at the skin surface.  For your first treatment, if your hair is longer than 5.0 mm (1/4″), the esthetician will trim it to the proper length before starting the EpilFREE treatment.

Can I suntan after my treatment?

Yes, exposure to UV light from the sun or tanning beds is allowed 24 hours after treatment, as with a regular waxing.  As EpilFREE is not light-based, there are no limitations on UV exposure.

When is EpilFREE not recommended?

  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • In cases of skin or other types of cancer. 
  • After a skin peel, allow the skin to heal completely before using EpilFREE. 
  • Do not use EpilFREE if you are undergoing acne treatment or taking blood thinners.  Any hormonal imbalances should be corrected before undergoing EpilFREE treatment. 
  • In case of any doubt about your suitability please consult our physician before using EpilFREE.