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Vasculyse Electro Coagulation

Most common in areas where the skin is thinner such as the face, neck & chest, these could be hereditary, or caused from sun exposure, alcohol, high blood pressure, hormonal changes, medication, injury, drastic & rapid temperature changes.

What can be treated?

  • Telangectasia – broken or dilated vessels, may appear as a fine red line
  • Spider angioma – when you have a central area that is very red and has "legs" that spread away from it
  • Couperose – blotchiness or redness on the face due to many small broken capillaries
  • Ruby points – distinct red spots
  • Skin tags

Vasculyse Electro Coagulation is a safe & effective treatment with little or no downtime for broken capillaries and ruby points & talengiectasia.  A mild electro-current induces blood vessels to solidify (coagulate) on the surface of the skin. 

Treatments take between 5 - 15 minutes, however some conditions may require more than one treatment. The results are permanent.

Downtime, minimal scabbing, tenderness, stinging sensation & darkening of the skin treated. This will resolve between 1 & 3 weeks.

$95 per 15 mins


Spider angioma