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LPG Endermologie™ Therapeutic for Fibromyalgia

Treating Fibromyalgia - Massage Therapy as a Beneficial Tool By Ross Turchaninov and Boris Prilutsky Originally published in Massage Bodywork magazine, February/March 2004. -Copyright 2003. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved. Most massage therapists and bodyworkers have seen the effects of fibromyalgia on at least some of their clients'... more

You're Invited - December Glam & Beauty Event

  Join us and get your sparkle on! When: Wednesday, December 2nd from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m  Where: 1447 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver What:  BOTOX® Cosmetic DERMAL FILLER          Available from 11am - 6pm         Happy Hour Holiday Raffle for a free... more

LPG Endermologie- An Interview with Mandy Gill of MGM Fitness

We had a chance to sit down with Mandy Gill from MGM Fitness and MGM Fit Foods to talk a little bit more in depth on her experience with LPG Endermologie and how it effects her performance and recovery in her fitness training, competitions and over all regime. Here is what she had to say.    Coliseum: How had Endermologie played a roll in alleviating DOMS also... more

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Cleansing & Detoxing

Medical literature supports the growing association between exposure to heavy metals and the rising incidence of neurobehavioral, reproductive and musculoskeletal diseases. This may include conditions such as Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, heart diseases and dementia. Following acute exposure or having built up a long- standing cumulative exposure, the heavy metals act as free radicals in the body causing oxidative damage and depleting antioxidant reserves. A chemical chain reaction of free-radical production ensues, disrupting and damaging living cells. Free- radicals in the body result in oxidative stress and cellular damage. Once the negative feedback loop of oxidative stress is established in the body, cellular deterioration occurs leading to organ malfunction and systems failure. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism, cancer, immune system dysfunction food allergies, adrenal insufficiency, depression and anxiety can indicate metal/toxin overload.

The body becomes more sensitive to the chemical to which it is exposed to and the reaction can further increase in severity and include responding to smaller doses of exposure. Sensitivity will continue by widening the scope of chemicals the body reacts to, this is called a “spreading phenomenon.” The scope of chemical exposure that the body submits to on a daily basis can include everything from pesticides, household cleaning products, carpets, paint, diesel fumes to personal care products like shampoos and creams.

Allergies and sensitivities to foods develop when your body is in a state of toxic overload. As the body absorbs toxins and stores them in adipose layers, the immune system turns on the contaminated state and does its job by attacking the body thus engaging in an autoimmune response. Arthritis and Lupus are examples of this particular response.

Given the cycle of damage & chemical toxicity can cause, avoiding exposure is your first defense. It is, however, impossible to completely avoid exposure to toxic metals. Exposure can be substantially reduced by understanding the sources of metal exposure, and adopting strategies to reduce contact with them.

When done correctly, detoxing from chemical overload can improve the efficiency of the body’s immune, metabolic and lymphatic systems by reallocating the energy previously used to fighting toxins back to maintaining healthy, natural functions. When your body is cleansed, its energy shifts from damage control and life-maintenance to regeneration and homeostasis. The results will include decreased inflammation and pain, feeling more alert and focused, improved quality of skin and hair, emotional stability, increased energy and the improvement and or cessation of disease processes.

Hormonal imbalance is a common problem for people who are in chemical overload. This is due to the toxin’s ability to interlock on the hormone docking sites preventing the circulating hormones access to attachment.


Altered peripheral sensation, Amenorrhea, Bone density loss, Brain fog/disorientation, Cold extremities,Constipation/diarrhea, Deformed nails/moving white spots, Dizziness/motor skill difficulties, Dry skin, Endometriosis, Excess menstrual bleeding, Hair loss, Headaches, Hives, Hydration imbalances of mucous membranes, Hypohydrosis/Hyperhydrosis, Increased infections, Irregular heart beat, Irritable bowel syndrome, Joint pain, Loss of libido, Musculoskeletal pain, Night vision loss, Rash, Reproductive insufficiencies, Rhinitis, Short term memory loss, Sleep disturbances, Sore throat, Swollen lymph nodes, Tooth enamel erosion/weakening, Twitching eyelids

There are many individual metals causing varying degrees of illness based on acute and chronic exposures. Heavy metals is the term used for a group of elements that have particular weight characteristics. They are on the “heavier” end of the periodic table of elements. Some heavy metals such as cobalt, copper iron, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, strontium and zinc are essential to health in trace amounts. Others are non-essential and can be harmful to health in excessive amounts. These include cadmium, antimony, chromium VI , aluminum, Beryllium, mercury, lead and arsenic.

Some sources of chemical & toxin exposure:
Air Conditioner Filters, Anti-Corrosives, Arsenic Waste, Auto Exhaust, Baking Powder, Batteries, Body Powders, Canned Fruit, Cans, Carbonate, Cement, Mortar, Cheese, Chemtrails, Cigarette Smoke, Coal, Cookware, Cosmetics, Dental Amalgams, Deodorants, Desiccants, Diuretics, Drugs/Medications, Fertilizers, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Foil, Food Processing, Fuel Oil, Fungicides, Galvanizing, Grains, Hair Dyes, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Household Cleaning Products, Household Dust, Imitation Whipped Cream, Industrial Sites, Inks, Insecticides, Kelp, Laxatives, Lead Pipes, Leather Products, Liver, Margarine, Metal Alloys, Microwave Tubes, Nasal Spray, Newspapers, Newsprint, NICD Batteries, Oysters, Paint, Paper, Pencils, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Phosphate Fertilizers, Photographic Equipment, Pigments, Plastics, Plating, Pollution, Ports, Pottery, Power Plants, Preparation, Processed Foods, Putty, PVC Containers, Riot Control Gas, Seafood, Sewage Sludge, Skin Creams And Ointments, Spark Plugs, Stainless Steel Cookware, Table Salt, Tattoos, Tea, Tobacco, Thermometers, Tin Cans, Toothpaste, Vaccines, Vegetable Shortening, Vehicle Exhaust Fumes, Contaminated Water, Wood Preservatives

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