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Endermologie™ for Cellulite


Endermologie™ is the science of cell stimulation developed by LPG.  This is the only cellulite treatment in Canada that is FDA approved to claim cellulite reduction. Over time, the pockets of fat reorganize and rebuild, improving the contour of the skin and distribution of the subcutaneous fat. The softening of the areas treated causes a reduction of cellulite, so the appearance of the skin becomes more toned. The metabolism of the area is facilitated, and there is a loss of inches

LPG Mechano-stimulation reactivates fibroblasts and adipocytes - the cells responsible for youthful skin and weight loss.Lipomassage smoothes, tightens, and tones your skin while reshaping and contouring your problem areas. 

Cellulite is a difficult problem, which must be taken care of from the subcutaneous fat layer, which acts on fluid retention. Diet and exercise do affect deep fat, but not the superficial cellulite layer of your skin.

  • Reduce fat cells
  • Smooth Cellulite
  • Reduce stretch mark's & scars 
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation
  • Increases fat burning
  • Improves lymph drainage
  • Firms & smoothens skin
  • Reduces cellulite

Endermologie/Lipomassage™ is an easy, healthy and comfortable alternative to liposuction and messy creams. It is an amazing solution to the problem of cellulite. For years European women have used Endermologie™

Results from our latest scientific study:

+70% activation of lipolysis (elimination of fat)
+240% activation of collagen production (re-densification of the skin)
+160% activation of elastin production



Trial Session $50
Per Treatment $149
10 Treatments $1,299
20 Treatments $2,100
50 Treatments Lifestyle Membership $4,299


Trial Session $50
Per Treatment $99
10 Treatments $850
20 Treatments


Reactivates deep dormant cellular activity by mechanically stimulating the skin (mechano-stimulation).  At the same time, the mechanical action of the Roll Heads trigger biological responses and reactivate the removal of stored fat.

Despite diet and exercise, many women cannot seem to get rid of ""saddlebag thighs"", "banana bulges", fat deposits riddled with  cellulite dimples. Even the slimmest women suffer from cellulite dimples, fat deposits or flabby skin.  Major hormonal fluctuations of puberty, pregnancy, or menopause also result in dramatic figure changes.  Lipomassage is also suitable for men who live a healthy lifestyle but still have love handles, or excess fat around the chest area. The results of Lipomassage are rapid, risk-free and painless. 

Fields of application include health, beauty, and well-being.  These frequencies can treat different types   of tissue, including fibrous, edematous, scarred, wrinkled, thin, and fragile tissue.

Understanding Cellulite

What is it and how does it form?

In addition to the hormonal reasons that may favor its appearance, cellulite results from both a build-up of fat in the adipose tissue (the hypodermic fat cells) and water retention around them (in the dermis and hypodermis). As the adipocytes get bigger the 'envelopes' containing them change shape and pull on their anchor points on the skin. This is what causes cellulite's 'orange peel' effect. This process is self-perpetuating because blood circulation is then slowed down causing stagnation of metabolic waste. These unsightly patches of cellulite can also be painful if the pressure inside these pockets of fat increases.

Why are women affected more than men by cellulite?

Because the fat structures of men and women do not react to fat increase in the same way.  For woman, the hypodermis is partitioned vertically by the septa (mesh or net-like fibrous connective tissue forming a network of compartments). The subcutaneous fat cells are pushed upwards, and the septa are pushed downwards. As a result, the fat cells are squeezed into small bulges that translate into the lumps and 'orange peel' look of the skin.

Mens fibrous septa is structred in oblique compartments. When the layer of fat increases there is no deformation.

How is it overcome?

Few people realize that cellulite is not improved by either physical exercise or even the strictest weight control diets.  To reactivate the adipose tissue and achieve a long-lasting elimination of cellulite, it must be stimulated.  LPG's mechanical Roll stimulation triggers deep biological responses. Tissue that traps the adipocytes (fat cells) are softened and blood and lymphatic circulation is restarted.  Results = The fat releasing process (Lipolysis) is reactivated to naturally eliminate localized and fat imperfections.

The Septa:  Where cellulite originates...

The female hypodermis consists of small 'recesses" separated by parallel walls (septa). Due to the fat and water which accumulate in these recesses, the walls are compressed, damaging the micro-circulation and the natural for of the cell.  Because these walls are attached to the dermis, they pull at the skin surface while our fat cells push towards the dermis.  The result is a skin surface that takes on a bumpy, dimpled 'orange-peel' appearance. Over time, as the condition worsens, fat and water become wholly enclosed in a prison of hardened septa composed of fibrous connective tissue.

LPG Mecano-Stimulation

LPG MECANO-STIMULATION* with its ROLL'In, ROLL'Up and ROLL'Out modes exercises the septa, making them softer and less fibrotic; this relaxes the pressure on the skin's surface, smoothing the dimpled cellulite appearance. As healthy blood and lymphatic circulation is restored to the conditioned tissue, the mechanical ROLL action (ROLL'In) triggers a deep biological response which reactivates fat release.


1. How many Endermologie treatments are necessary?

One can notice results after approx. 4 Treatments.

2. How often should one undergo treatment?

To begin with one goes twice a week, thereafter once a week is sufficient. To maintain the results 1-2 a month is enough.

3. Are only my ”problem areas” treated?

Focus is on your problem areas, but the rest of the body is also treated in order to stimulate the entire circulation and lymph drainage.

4. How long do the results from LPG Endermologie last?

Several months and sometimes up to several years if maintenance is kept up. Age, lifestyle, nutrition and hormonal conditions also affect the result. (with 1 treatment per month the results are improved).

5. How does the treatment feel? Does it hurt? 

The feeling resembles deep tissue massage. Most patients find it very pleasant. The treatment is adjusted to suit you and the strength is individually set.

6. How does it feel after?

Most patients feel relaxed and many receive a burst of energy. One must remember to drink at least 2 liters of water per day during treatment, since the body’s lymph system is stimulated and the emission may move faster than usual.

There have been many recorded case histories and research done on Endermologie™, which, was FDA approved, clinically and scientifically proven to fight cellulite, contour the body, used in approximately 80 countries, and growing since the 1980’s. Endermologie™ is very unique and works unlike any other treatment when it comes to body aesthetics and creating satisfaction. Other companies have devices that have vacuum therapy and no active rolling. There is little success in getting rid of cellulite with these other techniques. Endermologie™ is the pioneer of cellulite reduction, and the world leader in connective tissue technology It has three-dimensional stimulation with skin rolling.

Add on a Heat Diathermy Wrap before your Lipomassage for dramatic results!

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